We are proud to release the 10th model to the Asenne Surfboards quiver – the Butter Cutter!

Inspired by Niko Soikkeli, and developed together with our trusted shaper Bruce Hansel, this single fin board is really something! It’s the perfect addition to the existing quiver.

Niko with his Butter Cutter
Who is Niko Soikkeli?
Niko is a talented photographer and a passionate surfer. He’s been searching for the perfect wave all over the world for several years now. Currently he’s located in Indonesia. Niko is a fast surfer, and loves single fin short boards, just like the Butter Cutter. He’s now been shredding his new stick for a while, and this is what he had to say about the whole experience:

How did you get into single fin surfing?
I got into single fins partly influenced by the recent craze of riding vintage boards. Also, I’ve always admired the smooth style you see when watching surf films from 60s and 70s. I picked up an old second hand board, a 70s style pin tail, while living in Byron Bay, Australia a couple of years ago. The first surf I had with the board was at a clean beach break which was fast and barreling, and you had to get on the waves early. Because of the more fatty outline of the board, the paddling on the single fin was so easy compared to the typical modern short boards I was surfing then (5’8″ to 6’2″). I was able to get on the waves earlier than normal, and just lock onto the line I wanted to take to make it through the barreling sections. Ever since I have been more into surfing single fins whenever the surf is clean and bigger than waist high, and some of the barrels I’ve had on single fins, I doubt I would’ve made surfing a standard modern thruster.

Butter Cutter
What inspired you to create the Butter Cutter?
Over the last couple of years I experimented with a range of different single fin boards, buying some, and trying out some of my friends’ quiver. One thing that I really love and which is common to most single fins, is the glide you get when you lock onto a nice line on a fast wave. The board just flies under your feet! Having been around the Asenne Family for several years now, I was obviously thinking it would be amazing to have a single fin from Asenne, adjusted to people like me, who love to get barrelled, but don’t necessarily have the skills needed to paddle into over-head slabby waves without the extra confidence that a bit more volume brings. There are a few options out there when it comes to single fins, yet to have a board that is actually designed for clean waves, with speedy tunnels in mind, it was very rewarding to finally put my ideas on paper, and see them actualize in the seasoned shaping hands of Bruce Hansel. Butter Cutter is a 70s inspired board with a modern twist for a person who enjoys the feeling of going fast on clean, sizeable waves, and is not so concerned about doing airs and snaps on the critical parts of the wave. Pleasure and ease of surfing over performance!!

Butter Cutter tail shapes
What was it like to work with Bruce?
Getting someone like Bruce to shape a board is an honour. Mr. Hansel is extremely experienced when it comes to single fins. He spent the 60’s and 70’s in the North Shore of Oahu, surfing Pipeline among the other waves, and saw the early days of development from a long board into the more modern shapes, which ultimately led into the thruster shape, which seems to be the standard in today’s surfing. Bruce would have gone through so many single fins of different shapes, I was confident he would create the board of my dreams, using a board I brought over from Australia as an inspirational sample for drawing the final outline of Butter Cutter. Bruce suggested to make the rail ‘less boxy’ for more hold on the steep sections, and for some added performance. We also decided to include two FCS side plugs, for the option of riding the board with side bite fins. Doing this will add some extra hold, and make tighter turns easier to execute. Another suggestion by Mr. Hansel was to change the thickness and shape of the nose a little bit, to allow the board to paddle even faster. A few more modern tweaks here and there to take advantage of what we have learned from the modern days of surfboard shaping were added into the original board my love for single fins started from.. Listening to him speak, I could almost see the years of experience in shaping and surfing materialize into what now is called the Butter Cutter.

Bruce measuring

Bruce shaping
Are you happy with the way it turned out?
Hell yes! It paddles like a lucid dream, and has gotten me into the best waves I’ve ever caught on anything. I’ve surfed it in waves from waist high to well overhead+ in various conditions. I’m surfing the Butter Cutter in 6’3″ and can confidently say, I would happily take it out in solid double overhead waves too. The board will definitely outperform my comfort zone, when it comes to bigger waves; it just paddles so well, and gets you on the wave early. I love the cruisy feeling you get with this board once on the wave – just slide. When you see a steeper section approaching, just assume your line and move weight towards the nose. You’ll fly through the barrel.. Once a more open section hits, it sure cuts a nice line on that face too! All in all, I would say the board performs in any waves from waist to double over head, as long as it isn’t overly choppy. Butter Cutter really comes to life in clean head high and over waves that move a bit faster, and provide barrels too. Can’t wait for the next solid wave at one of the nearby reefs!!

Niko in a barrel

Niko cruising