As we’re taking in the last surfboards orders for the Spring 2016 surfboards delivery we thought we’d share some light about the boards we make and the people behind them. And what better way to start the series of posts than revealing the legend behind Asenne Surfboards.

BH Pipe drop
Meet Bruce Hansel

Bruce was born in 1954, started surfing in Florida in 1963 and made the move into the big boys games’ in 1977 when he moved to The North Shore, Hawaii. He is a member of the original ‘Pipeline Underground’ and a 4-time invitee to compete in the Pipeline Masters (1979-1984), the crown jewel of surfing contests.

Bruce started surfing in Bali and Java in 1981, and finally moved his family and board business to Bali in 1999 after almost two decades of yearly visits to various spots in Indonesia. Coming to Bali meant that instead of Pipeline his home break was now Uluwatu – another pilgrimage spot for surfers.

Currently he’s got over 50 years (and running) of surfing experience under his belt and about 30 years of experience in shaping. Bruce is an experienced shaper, and shapes boards of all kinds for all levels of surfing. Whether you need your first mini mal or a gun for heavy waves he’s got you covered!

Sidenote: Apple didn’t fall too far from the tree as his daughter Cinta is the 2014 champion of the ASC Tour (Asian Surfing Championship Tour) in Junior Women’s category and the RipCurl GromSearch SE Asian champ 2015! How about that?