About us

Asenne a-sen-ne = attitude

A mental state of mind involving beliefs, feelings, values and dispositions to act in certain ways; “The attitude that shoots you towards your goals, no matter what the odds are..”

Our story

The journey of Asenne started back in 1999 when founder Kimmo Jaakonsaari and a few friends decided to leave the rat race to surf in Bali, Indonesia. Coming from the Finnish 90’s snowboarding scene surfing was something almost unheard of – and truly inspiring.  The trip ended up being one of the biggest single turning points in Kimmo’s life and lead to the idea and creation of what Asenne is today. 

Asenne lives and breathes through a big family of people who follow their passion and live their lives to the fullest! By sharing our surf-travel experiences we aim to bring people with this passion together.

Unfollow the Ordinary.

Be the maker of your own destiny – live true to yourself.

The Asenne way

Our surfboards are made in Bali by small local businesses in good working conditions since day one. We consider these people to be a part of our growing Asenne family. Supporting small local businesses makes us stand tall behind our products.

We know #whomademysurfboard.

New materials

Sunglasses are made of certified plant-based cellulose-acetate which is a durable high-quality material. Bamboo is one of the toughest and fastest growing plants on Earth, making it a renewable material for our products. All Asenne sunglasses come with plastic-free recycled carton packaging.

Beanies are made of OEKO-TEX® standardized textile. This textile is tested for harmful substances, which means that all products with this label are skin-friendly and the dyes used are non-toxic. We only use wools from registered Italian farms. All beanies are hand-made in small family businesses in Finland. More about OEKO-TEX® here.

Our recent collection is made with even more environment on our minds. Over 80% of our clothing is made organic material. We mainly use on-demand production model which means when you order your clothes from us our production starts to prepare the clothing. This is how we try to minimize the carbon footprint of our clothing. Of course this affects delivery time(around 14 days) but we are not into fast fashion game. We go with the flow.