Amazing internship opportunities for students in Bali!

Season 22-23 spots have been selected

ASENNE a-sen-ne / attitude:
A mental state of mind involving beliefs, feelings, values and dispositions to act in certain ways; “The attitude that shoots you towards your goals, no matter what the odds are..”

This is the very same spirit that started the independent surf company in a Nordic country that is the least known for its waves. Do you carry the same attitude within? If YES, keep reading.


Asenne is a big family of like-minded people making the most out of every day and willing to work for the lifestyle WE want to pursue.

We offer various amazing internship opportunities for students in Bali! Asenne team is constantly on the lookout for new dedicated team players and professional talents with special skillsets.

Our ongoing needs vary from audiovisual marketers to social media gurus and people with skills in direct sales and business management. Proficient level in English is a must and a common sense and knowledge of travelling in Asia is considered as an advantage for the experience.

If you know you’ve got what it takes grab the bull by the horns and make yourself heard.


1. Send us an open application and tell a bit about yourself. What should we know about you? How are you different than so many others? What could you bring to the table?

2. Attach your updated CV.

3. Send the whole package to info[at]

Internship periods are 3-6 months

1. For Fall Semester – apply before 1st of April

2. For Spring Semester – apply before 1st of September

Working in asenne

Read about the intern experience in Bali


Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Asenne was the best place to do the internship. Nice and inspirational crew making things happen for the greater good and with the lifestyle they’ve chosen. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed but still everyone is working hard with the ambition to reach the set goals as good as possible. As an intern you get a lot of responsiblity and therefore your work has a lot of meaning for the company. It motivates you to do the best you can for the company. You will improve yourself as an employee and a part of the team. Most rewarding is that you can actually witness the results of your own work in Asenne.

The location is a very big plus! Sometimes it can be hard to adapt to the new culture but in Bali it’s pretty easy. Learning the new culture and living in a new country will make you realize how different things can be on the other side of the world. Absolutely priceless thing in the internship is the possibility to go for a morning surf before you start working!

The challenge in Asenne might be that the crew is small and there’s a wide scope of things to do. Tasks can vary a lot and sometimes it can be hard at first to understand your part of the job. But it also gives you a lot of opportunities to keep learning. Always pick up the new challenge with enthusiasm and go with it! It will be worth your while and you’ll most likely learn something new while at it!


Arcada University of Applied Sciences

I came to do my 3 month internship in Bali for Asenne Surf Company and it has been a really good experience. I have been able to work with a lot of different things, which is great since I was unsure of the specific area I wanted to concentrate on. The team at Asenne is so amazing, fun and supportive. They made it easy to be part of the Asenne team. The best part of working at Asenne is the trust that the co-workers have in you. They truly see you as any co-worker and not just as an intern. And as with any job it doesn’t come without challenges, for me the most challenging part has been to balance my different work tasks. I want to do everything at the same time, but then I realise I in a way become less efficient. But that’s what internships are for, to learn new things and to learn how you work in a new environment. To create an every day life here in Bali was also a bit challenging in the beginning. Coming from Finland I’m used to everything working at all times, and on time. Here the culture is a bit different. But this is also something I got used to very fast. In the end of theday I’m so happy I chose and got the chance to do my internship here. Wouldn’t change it for anything!