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If you get in a scuffle Asenne Fight Mask is a perfect place to spit your teeth. This mask could also have some positive impact in the fight against Covid-19(not proved).

Our double layer Asenne face mask comes with a handy washable pouch to make sure your mask stays clean and easy to carry.

The mask is handmade from excess fabric from our clothing production. We also reduced the plastic usage in our packaging to minimize the environmental impact.

Size and Fit
  • Tight and cool fit
  • Sizes ranging from S-L
    • S – children (under 10 years old)
    • M – smaller adult face
    • L- larger adult face
  • Inner layer 100% Organic Cotton Jersey
  • Outer layer 100% Rayon Woowened
  • Ear loops recycled Nylon
  • Machine washable up to 90°C

Hand made in Bali

Please note the following:

Our masks are not following the strictest criteria from healthcare authorities and doesn’t prevent you from Covid-19. Due to hygienic concerns an unsealed package is non-returnable.