Asenne sunglasses are the result of ambitious design and development process of creating the best possible product for adventurous people. Our frames only use eco-materials such as natural wood and plant-based acetate and in addition we also ship our shades in boxes made of recycled cardboard. All Asenne shades come with UV400 protected lenses!

Asenne Bulwark Stratos Black

BULWARKThe Classics

The classical Asenne shades with nice and clean outlines. Bulwark comes in different colors and are made of the durable and aesthetic eco-material cellulose acetate. Bulwark models come equipped with matte-finished full-acetate frames and temple arms. Heavy-duty spring hinges hold these beauties together and we’ve used state-of-the-art TAC Polarized and UV400 protected lenses to protect your eyes.

Bulwark tech specs
Frame shape



W 54mm x
H 41.8mm
W 141mm x
H 48mm




TAC polarized
UV400 protected
Anti-reflection coated
Polycarbonate lenses



Greener way of doingPlant-based acetate / Natural wood / Recycled cardboard

We’re constantly looking possible ways to reduce our carbon footprint and while there still is a long way to go we truly believe these sunnies take us a step closer again. Cellulose acetate is a high-quality plant-based plastic made from natural cotton and wood fibers. Unlike more traditional plastics cellulose acetate is not based on petroleum. Then there’s oak, ebony rosewood and bamboo which is naturally one of the toughest and fastest growing plants on Earth making it truly renewable material. In addition we also ship all of our sunglasses in cardboard boxes made of recycled carton.

Technology behind our sunglasses

Polarized polycarbonate and nylon lenses

All of the lenses we use have gone through rigorous testing and R&D. Only the best quality polycarbonate and nylon lenses have been approved to be used for Asenne Shades. Both polycarbonate and nylon offer the highest durability and optical features while keeping the lenses ultra light. The polarized lenses block 100% of all UV light and eliminate up to 99% of glare therefore enhancing the vision through lenses drastically.

Frames & templesAcetate / Acetate – Bamboo / Oak / Ebony rosewood

After testing and researching various different materials the cellulose acetate conquered the top of our charts. And for a bunch of excellent reasons. Cellulose acetate is superior to many other alternatives as it provides our frames with toughness, high transparency, vibrant colors and gloss. Combine all that with naturally rigid and beautiful bamboo and you know you’ll be wearing an aesthetically beautiful and tough pair of sunnies. Moreover, both cellulose acetate and bamboo are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly! For wooden Asenne shades we’ve chosen natural oak and ebony rosewood.